Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    They are friendly, kind, and treat you with the most care I have ever seen anyone treat a patient. They have a wide variety of glasses and sunglasses to choose from and if that isn't enough you can even order from a catalog. When I talked to Dr. Le about always being active playing sports and other various strenuous activities, he offered me to use Ortho-K. This revolutionary product has changed my life forever. They are gas-permeable hard contact lenses that you sleep with, then take them off i

    Anthony T.

    Dr. Le is great! He really takes his time when he is evaluating your eyes. Not one of those places that will just take your money and shoo you out the door with what ever. I highly suggest this place!

    Rose B.

    I've been a patient at this office for over 10 years and have seen many Dr's come and go. Ever since Dr. Le took over a few years ago he has turned the office completely around into a patient friendly environment whom makes you enjoy coming back to your next office visit. He will tender to what is important to you and goes out of his way to make sure you are taken care of. His staff is incredibly helpful and friendly; it's true that a good Dr. is only as good as his his supporting staff, . H

    Huy C.

    I found this place by chance. I was looking online for an optometrist near me And I called this place up. They told me they were closed but was willing to stay open if I can come in right away. Upon walking in, I was greeted by a lovely staff. Hoa and Stacey was wonderful! They helped me expedite the necessary legal and insurance mumble jumble and off I went to see Dr. Le. He was very friendly and took his time to make sure my eyes were okay. He even spent the extra time to help me with a new pa

    Jimmy N.

    Went in today for my eye exam. They were very friendly and greeted me right away. There were only a few papers to fill out (took 5 mins if not less). Was attended to really fast. Dr. Le was very helpful and paid close attention to my concerns. He was very patient with me during my exam because I tend to have difficulty with my exams. Everything I asked him, he answered right away. The exam was one of the best I have had. He recommended contact lenses that were suited for my lifestyle as well. Af

    Eli N.

    All I can say is, very helpful staff and Dr. Le they are friendly and knowledgeable. I like the variety of frames they have there, nothing bad at all to say about them. Service is great, the doctor is very informative. The office is very clean and they have really great state of the art machines to look at my eyes, overall I do refer my family and friends here.

    Minh N.

    Dr. Le and his assistant, Kathy, went through both exams in an efficient manner while ensuring I fully understood each component of the examinations. After thoroughly explaining my condition, astigmatism, he recommended contact lenses that best suited my lifestyle and we discussed the necessary steps to sustain and possibly ameliorate both my visual acuity and the health of my eyes. I deeply appreciated the time he took to present me with an image of my eye taken previously and educating me on t

    Gabi S.

    My first time came to Horizon Optometry I need eyes exam and I got Dr. Le he is very nice, polite and he really care

    Nancy P.

    First, my experiences with the staff have always been awesome. They are very polite and friendly, and best of all: they really do care. I've been with Dr. Le for two years now and I have only good things to say about him. I started Ortho-K lenses this past year, and it truly has been a life changer. My poor, weak eyes couldn't handle regular day contacts and would be shriveled up from dryness and irritation by the day's end. I decided to give Ortho-K a shot, and Dr. Le helped me every step of th

    Kyle N.

    Dr. Le was really friendly throughout my eye check up and answered all of my questions thoroughly. During the Contacts fitting rather than simply assigning me a brand and type of contacts he educated me on the pros and cons of the different types of contacts allowing me to really understand how he came to recommending me the type of contacts we eventually agreed on. During the Contacts fitting lesson I had a horrible time getting those pieces of plastic in my eyes but instead of feeling pressure

    Louse L.

    Love the place! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. And very clean I must add. If you have questions, they don't hesitate to find you the answers. Been going here for almost 3 years. I highly recommend this place.

    Mary N.

    From now on, I'm going to Horizon for my eye exams! I had gotten glasses from Horizon on two occasions, and Kathy was really helpful both times especially with an idiot who had no idea what he wanted. She wasn't pushy and spent a lot of time helping me try different pairs on. The first time I found a pair in store that was perfect. The second time was different. Kathy couldn't find a pair I liked so we ordered through the Rayban catalog. When I came in to pick them up, she presented two pai

    Hai T.

    Been coming here for 3+ years. Recently the doctor got me to try Ortho-K (sounds like a drug). I'm loving the shit out of it! I'm very active and my biggest problems with contacts were water sports. Sometimes jumping in the pool my contacts would come out and I would loose it. I told my doc and he turned me on to Ortho-K. Basically it's a hard contact you wear to sleep and it reminds your eyes. You take it out in the morning and you're good to go the whole day!! Super convenient for me. Especial

    H. T.

    Don't let the size of this optometry fool you. It is small but cozy and comfy. I really like coming here and I am a kind of person that hates going for anything "doctor related". The doctor and the staff are great because they make you feel comfortable. The doctor genuinely cares and tries to get to know you. I would recommend this place to everyone. FYI, they speak fluently English and Vietnamese...and maybe even other languages

    Ashley T.

    Great customer service and doctor!!! They will be honest and very friendly and down to earth !!!! You will love them! They talked to me like I was a friend and would refer me to places if I can't get the services !! Not only that but the receptionist all are so nice !!!

    Samantha V.

    Getting old sucks. I tried everything to help my vision (glasses, contacts, Lasiks, and then back to glasses) and now I've been given a second for near perfect vision. I just tried Ortho-K and it reverted my vision 75% back to normal after just 2 months of use. Ortho-K is similar to braces, but for the eyes. I love not having to wear anything during the day to have good vision. You do have to wear it to sleep overnight but I like that better. Thanks Dr. Le.....I appreciate you walking me thru

    Nate W.

    Compared to other optometrists in the community, Dr. Le is an outstanding doctor who provides excellent customer service and patient satisfaction. Other optometrists may try to up sell their patients to extra services, but Dr. Le and his staff works with you to choose the options that are best for your needs. Additionally, his staff understand how important "the look" is for glasses so they go above and beyond to choose glasses that fits well with your face shape & make you more attractive.

    David P.

    I really enjoyed my experience at Horizon Optometry. The staff was very nice and friendly. The doctor was well educated and told me everything i needed to know about my eyes. He was very nice as well. Everyone was just very helpful and fluent in vietnamese and english, which I definitely appreciated since I struggle with talking in Vietnamese. They educated me on the frames and their prices and what kind of deals they had. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends. Thank you Horizon

    Katelin N.

    Dr.Le and his staff were so patient, kind, and understanding. I went in for a diagnosis on my eye and he explained everything so thoroughly and made me feel very comfortable. I have never had a better experience at any doctors office ever. I highly recommend horizon optometry. The price for an exam, my diagnosis and a follow up visit was 85 dollars. He even gave me samples so I wouldn't have to buy eye drops. This is my new optometrist!

    Selina O.

    I've been coming here for years now and Dr. Le has always been patient and honest regarding any questions I have had. He always thoroughly explains he sees in the pictures of the eye that are taken before you going in to see him. Overall, I've never had a bad experience here.

    Brandon M.

    Dr. Le was pretty awesome. He was nice and took out the time to explain everything so that I understood. He even asked if I had any more questions when all I did was ask a bunch. He told me he's gonna help me improve my eye sight which was a first time any eye doctor has told me that. Although he was gave me bad news about my eye sight, I felt comfortable to know that he was going to help me see better. i wished they would have more frames and sunglasses selections. you could order off of a cat

    Lisa D.

    1st time seeing Dr Le. Great, personable, and thorough. Staff super nice. Uses up to date machines and technology. Will be a return customer. Bought my own frame so can't speak to their selection or price.

    Chris T.

    I have been going to Doctor Le for years and i am glad i found him. He is the most caring doctor i have ever been to. Unlike other doctors, Dr. Le isn't about how much money he makes, he cares more about the quality and patient's eye wellness. I dont agree with the bad rated reviews below. I mean People make mistakes all the times, but if you give them a chance to fix. They will do it right. Life is difficult as it is, to find a doctor like that, it is one in a million.

    Kathy N.

    5 Stars is for how professional and caring Dr. Le is. Every single time I come to get my eyes checked out, he's extremely patient with all my questions and competent in his profession. I feel 100% comfortable under his care. I recently disclosed an issue I had with one of his staff members and he handled it so professionally. It goes to show how much he cares about his customers and he's willing to go that extra mile to make sure we are happy with the service there. It's honestly that little eff

    Nina T.

    Doctor is still very nice after all these years. I made an appointment and was sent an email and text reminder but I was still late. I gave them a call to let them know and luckily, they were super busy when I came in. The doctor does take his time with patients, which is always a good thing. I came in to be fitted for contacts, and one of the front desk staff was amazing. She explained everything to me and was super patient with me. I can't believe I was so hesitant to get contacts before.

    Jennifer T.

    Dr. Le is the greatest!! He actually cares for his patients. The staff has great customer service. I've been at this location since 1992. I have always had a great experience. I always refer anyone looking for vision care because I know he will take good care of them.

    Angie C.

    It's almost been a year since I first started seeing Dr. Le for Ortho K treatments. Before starting Ortho K, he made sure I took care of my Dry Eye Condition first, so that I could use the Ortho K lenses safely and effectively. And because of that, my eyes are in the best condition they've ever been! Plus, he and the staff are always polite and supportive. This place is great!

    Maria T.

    Been going to Dr. Le since for years now. His assessment are always honest and parallel to patients needs. I've been recommended multiple types of contacts and lenses depending on my current life situation, student/professional career. Questions are always answered thoroughly.

    Bryan T.

    Dr. Le has been our optometrist for many years and he has been extremely helpful. Each year, he would provide insight on the overall health of our eyes, followed by friendly questions that keeps patients comfortable. He and his associates are professional and very recommended. Steven, who is one of the newer additions to the office was great. My wife spoke to him on the phone and he voice was gentle and welcoming. He did a great job with pre optical check up and delegated authorization with my o

    David C.

    I've been to Horizon Optometry for over 15 years now (I think...) and their customer service has always been on point. Dr. Le is an exceptional optometrist and monitored my eyesight for years. Multiple times I've turned to him when I have an eye infection or if I think something's wrong with my eyes before I go see my PCP (I have HMO, gg) and he has always listened to my concerns and referring me to the appropriate health care provider. The staff is amazing too. I've witnessed the office improv

    Denise H.

    Dr. Le and his staff are amazing!!! We had an appointment of 4 on a Saturday at 11:30am and was out within an hour. The staff was super friendly and very polite. It was spacious and super clean!! A huge selection of designer frames available.

    Jay T.

    Dr. Le is awesome! He takes care of my dad and all of his older friends that he refers to Dr. Le. My father was diagnosed with cataracts by doc. He never knew he had it. Most Optometrists my father was seeing in Long Beach, didn't really take the time to explain to him what was going on. My father kept thinking his glasses weren't prescribed properly, and kept having his prescription re done. Thanks to Dr. Le, we now know why he couldn't "see". I also went to Dr. Le a while back ( in 2013 )an

    Arr B.

    Love this office. Dr. Le and his staff are professional, friendly, and take the time to explain each step of the eye exam process and why they're doing it.

    Tammy N.

    I appreciate how patient he was when he ran through different lens with me (1 or 2, 3 or 4...). He reminded me to blink naturally during the exam to ensure my eyes would be seeing at optimal settings. Dr. Le is sociable, family-oriented and a good listener. He also cares about providing good advice, using my eye images and online examples to show me healthy and unhealthy eyes, and allowing me time to talk and ask questions. He said drink more water, get more rest, and be conscious about your hea

    Sarah N.

    Great and awesome. Thanks

    James M.P.

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